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On January 28, 2016, NPR's StoryCorps visited Chez DivaMan for an historic interview! I invited my buddy, Karl Lindholm, along for the conversation. What a wonderful time we had! It was broadcast on March 11, 2016, at 6:20 am and 8:20 am on NPR, and the link to the full podcast is below. Reactions from friends and fans below............

On January 28, 2016, NPR's StoryCorps visited Chez DivaMan for an historic interview! I invited my buddy, Karl Lindholm, along for the conversation. What a wonderful time we had! It was broadcast on March 11, 2016, at 6:20 am and 8:20 am on NPR, and the link to the full podcast is below. Reactions from friends and fans below............


 "Listen to my friend François Scarborough Clemmons on StoryCorps. François played Officer Clemmons on Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. He also started the Harlem Spiritual Ensemble and wrote the foreword for my book, An Index to African-American Spirituals for the Solo Voice. He's a multi-talented and lovely soul! Congratulations, François!" - Kathy A, Ohio


“Mr. Clemmons: many years ago, you and your Harlem Spiritual Ensemble came to the College of Wooster, where I was studying at the time. I had heard spirituals before, but had never actually *heard* them until your performance. That concert was a deeply meaningful experience for me. It changed me. And I still listen to the CDs I got that night. Thank you so, so much.” – Eric H


"I cried this morning listening to it." - Kristin M, Minnesota


"Me too!" - Saskia G


"I just heard it too. All choked up. Wow! I was just 3 years old again. That was incredible!" - Danielle M, California


"What a sweet story! I had the great luck of being interviewed for Oberlin by Mr. François Scarborough Clemmons, we had a lovely brunch together in New York! I didn't remember him from Mr. Rogers until half way through our meeting, and suddenly I had an image of Mr. Rogers going to his door and saying, with complete excitement, look boys and girls it's officer Clemmons! That brunch had a very long lasting influence on my life, so grateful to have that memory, and full of admiration for Mr. Clemmons!” – Saskia G


"When François sang the National Anthem before a Midd basketball game back in the day, he brought the house down. Anyone who ever heard him do it will never forget..." - Rich W


"Wonderful. Sent tears of joy and melancholy to my heart." - Kate B


"I had actually known François for a while before I realized that I had been watching him on television for years. If I recall correctly, I was in his living room when it all came together and I did quite a bit of blubbering and sputtering :)" - Barbara D, Vermont


"Such a beautiful story, very much worth a listen!" - Jennifer B, Vermont


"He sang at my daughter's wedding!" - Susan J, Vermont


"Miss you darling. The picture made me nostalgic for our sessions as you seemed to be standing right where we did some amazing work together. I'm so proud of you, and excited. Running to radio now..." - Steve S, California


"I don't know François personally, but like so many kids of my generation, he was part of my childhood. Big fan!" - Nick P


"Brought me to tears while driving into work this morning. Love you, François!" - John S, Vermont


"I never saw this show as a kid but I feel honored to know the fabulous François Scarborough Clemmons. What a treat to see this video! Can't wait to hear the StoryCorps piece!" - Tiffany R


"I heard it this morning and it made me happy and miss Middlebury all at the same time." - Heather C


"Just cried along to this on the radio." - Matt B


"I love you!" - Mary Kay S, Vermont


"This was Erik's favorite show!" - Leslie C, New York


“Just hearing the voices of Mr. Rogers and Officer Clemmons brought back memories I didn't know I had. Thank you, Francois.” – Greg W, Maryland


“Congratulations to François Scarborough Clemmons for his many years working with Fred Rogers, fostering high self-esteem in children.” – Janet J

“I was driving to work this morning and got stuck in traffic because of an accident on route 100. But, as I was sitting there I was listening to VPR and they played some excerpts of an interview with you. It was great to hear your voice! So I just wanted to say thanks for getting me through a slow morning.” – Mike G, Vermont


“I heard this on my way to work this morning – perfect timing.  Great interview – very touching.  What a great guy Fred Rogers was.  And I enjoyed watching the video on the pool scene linked from the NPR site.  Nice singing François!” – Brenda E, Vermont


“Really enjoyed hearing your voice, your music, and the tenderness of your reflections this morning, François. Thank you for sharing such moving thoughts and experiences.” – Gus J, Vermont


“Great segment on NPR!  Thank you!” – Bill H, Vermont


“You were terrific, Dear François!” – Bill E, Vermont


“Excellent news, my friend! You've hit the big times. Again! Can't wait to hear it!” – Dana Y, Vermont


“Congratulations DivaHineyAuntieMaestro!!!!!!!!!!” – Melissa C, Georgia


“What an unexpected treat to hear you on NPR’s Story Corps this morning, talking about your years with Mr. Rogers, François.  It must have been a special time, with a very special person.   But then you are pretty special yourself.” – Frank W, Vermont


“It was very moving .... Thanks so much for being you!! Lots of love.” – Colleen B, Vermont


“Thank you for the wonderful story you told...and it was also lovely to hear the clip of you singing a song on that show when Fred asked you to sing a song.” – Betty H, New York


“I loved the interview. It was very moving but I wanted MORE of you! Five times more at least! I can never get enough of your singing!” – Tom P, Harlem


“Awesome!” – Tara S


“That was sweet.  And timely!  … and that was perfect!  I just wished that they had you singing for longer at the end, without the voice over....” – Jackie F, New York


“Well-done and poignant.” – Andrew L


“That was a BEAUTIFUL interview François!” – Chip M, Vermont


“It brought tears to my eyes. I really needed that, thank you so much.” – Elizabeth G


“I just listened to you as I was sitting at my desk in Bristol.  Lovely!  The way you spoke and what you said was so in keeping with the spirit and tone of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood.  I admire how you are able to project differently in different settings, all the time remaining true to yourself.” – Michele L, Vermont


“Just heard it! Wonderful!!” – KT T


“My children watched Mr. Rogers regularly and I often told them I loved them just the way they were.” – Martha L


“No surprise but you were great on Story Corps! Just the voice missing from national discourse! What next? Presidency? I'll vote for you!!!!” – Julia A, Vermont


“This reminded me of how important this show was to me as a little one. Thank you, François!” – Eliza G


“A very touching piece! I also loved how they wove in the singing from the show and kept the music going.” – Laurie J, Vermont


“I just heard your Story Corps piece and am smiling and smiling.  How wonderful!   It was just wonderful. Hugs to you both.” – Barbara M, Vermont


“Heard you on Story Corps this morning!  It was super!” – Pam M, Vermont


“I just heard it!! So proud!” – Susan K, Vermont


“I'm privileged to have shared Oberlin College with François, though it's my misfortune that our paths never quite crossed there. I love this posting!” – Robert D, Colorado


"That was a good story." - Scott M


"You've made a lasting impact on my life and I thank you for that." - Dominick D 


“Heard this story & did so enjoy the part about foot washing - wow. Back in the 80's I did a project with WQED, and was fortunate to be the studio next door to Mr. Roger's during some of his filming. A lovely human being.” – Susan L, TN


“Emmie and I both found your StoryCorps conversation with Karl Lindholm extremely affecting. Sincere thanks for your memorable testimony, which will remain a source of illumination -- and hope -- for many years to come. All the best to you, as ever…” – Stephen and Emmie D, VT


“Just listened to your 3 minutes. Whew!! Powerful!! I never watched Mr. Rogers, he came after my childhood (which had Howdy Doody and Mighty Mouse, my favorite because I was tiny too). Since I didn’t have kids, I didn’t watch. I sure heard about him, though. It’s wonderful to hear this story and realize what great things he accomplished. And you got to be a part of it!” – Barbara C, VT

“Did y'all look at the story about Francois Clemmons and Mr. Rogers? Such a brilliant way to teach in the Neighborhood.” – Regina R


“I loved your NPR piece.  It made me think about your role on Mr. Rogers in a way that I really hadn't before.  My generation was lucky to have television that was nurturing, educational and character developing.  I’m not certain that such a thing exists anymore.  It's sad to me. My mom and brother both wrote to me about how touched they were when they heard it.” – Caroline L, Brooklyn


“…he had gotten to hear the Story Corps piece also!  I think that he listened in his car on the way to work ... or he just picked it up on his phone after getting to work.  There's so much that I don't know about ... and don't want to ... but I am glad that I know you!” – Jackie F, Manhattan


“Thank you... You have an amazing voice! You helped get me interested in opera in the 70s. Thank you for your artistry!” – Caroline C


“You're the BEST!!!!” – Elaine F, PA


“I just listened to the VPR cut in Middnews.  Awesome!” – Joe D, VT


“Regarding   your story corps contribution - GRAND SLAM HOMERUN!!!!!!!!!!!     Thank you for that, it was quite moving.” – Dean L, VT


“What a joy when I heard the preview come-on line about Officer Clemmons speaking on the Story Corps segment. Hooray! Loved hearing your voices. Segment was excellent … hearing you two was wonderful.” – Marnie W, VT

DivaMan was interviewed by CNN's Haimy Assefa (pictured with DivaMan in his living room) on March 28, 2016 for TheGreatBigStory.com. The segment was published on Tuesday, April 5, 2016. See the video  HERE  and read reactions from friends and fans below!!!!!!!!!!

DivaMan was interviewed by CNN's Haimy Assefa (pictured with DivaMan in his living room) on March 28, 2016 for TheGreatBigStory.com. The segment was published on Tuesday, April 5, 2016. See the video HERE and read reactions from friends and fans below!!!!!!!!!!

“Great post! Officer Clemmons, I presume!” – Rick W


“While living in Terrace BC, one of the highlights of my life was singing in a choir under the direction of Mr. Francois Scarborough Clemmons when he traveled on tour with the Harlem Spiritual Assemble...amazing performance by the HSE.” – Anita K, British Columbia


“This is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you for posting, Mr. Clemmons! I am so honored to be your friend!!! I must share this!” – Elaine F, PA


“… a wonderful testimony to the show and you. Thank you, and thank you for living right here in little Middlebury!” – Sibylle S, VT


“Very touching, DivaMan.” – Barbara M, VT


“This clip is awesome!!” – Lisa H


“This is just beautiful!!! Two incredible people right here!!!” –

Elaine F


“Wonderful video!” – Demetrius D


“WOW!!  Francois, what a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing.” – Bill E, VT


“So incredible to see Francois Scarborough Clemmons gaining such well deserved attention. Bravo, sir!” – Elizabeth C, NY


“Wow! Terrific! You are one amazing gift to the world.” – Helen M, NH


“One of my absolute favorite shows growing up...” – Jasmine F


“Wonderful, François! You touched a lot of people in those 30 years. And you continue to do so now.” – Cari B, VT


“My wife, grandchildren and I were lucky enough to sing under the direction of Dr. Clemmons for many years in the annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Spiritual Choir. I always say that I would crawl over a mile of broken glass to sing with Francois.” – Craig B, VT


“Wow! Terrific! You are one amazing gift to the world.” – Helen M, VT


“You are such a beautiful man, Francois. Loving your home, too.” – Mary Ann B


“We are very fortunate to have had the gift of Francois in the Middlebury community for many years.” – Judy W, VT


“Proud of this one. Big up Haimy, Sam, Carlos et al for their killer shooting, storytelling, and editing work. Sincerest thanks to the fabulous Francois Scarborough Clemmons... just for being you.” – Ben H, Senior Producer at Great Big Story


“My Jenga, acclaimed singer and educator, Dr. Francois Scarborough Clemmons.” – Cray F, NC


“I drew a caricature of you Francois Scarborough Clemmons when we met in Fred Rogers’ office in 1993 for the neighborhood's 25th anniversary & you signed this for me.” – Cory G, CA

“You're beautiful, man.” – Karl G, FL


“For those who remember Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood TV show; Officer Francois Scarborough Clemmons was the nice neighborhood police officers on that show. Francois was special guest to the choir about 10 years ago.” – Dexter C, Artistic Director, Plattsburgh Gospel Choir, NY